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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Mark Lee Is One Of The Philippine Hottest Volleyball Players

Via Mark Lee's official Facebook and Instagram

Volleyball Rock Star

Six feet tall Mark Lee plays for the volleyball team Systema Active Smashers which currently vies for the finals of Shakey's V-League. The game is on TV and see how Mark hits the ball. He is so charming.

You Will Love His Instagram Account

He seems to love Instagram.

His buddies are so hot too!
A photo posted by themarklee (@themarklee) on

A photo posted by themarklee (@themarklee) on

He's So Adorable When He Does "Selfies"

A photo posted by themarklee (@themarklee) on

A photo posted by themarklee (@themarklee) on

Gorgeous In Runway

More images below of Mark Lee inside the court. Embedded photos by the sexy photographer Azcharey Cabrera.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


One Of The Sexiest Strangers I Have Seen This Year

This man is so sexy. He has a killer smile too. These boys just dived into the river, laughing, and diving again while mocking those who had awkward head-first diving.

The place is called Hagimit Water Falls located at Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines. You have to visit the place on a Sunday to catch lots of happy, sexy men


Relaxed And Easygoing Lives Of Young Filipino Men In The Countryside

Boys in the probinsya are friendlier

I am on my mid-thirties and I have been addicted to the nice feeling I get when I am surrounded with younger men, especially the ones in tertiary (college or university). They have no qualms about being watched. They assume to raise their shirt and show their abs if you are looking at them. They love to tease.

Gay men like me, 'specifically discreet gays, get pissed off and usually show their annoyance when you tend to look at them and praise their good looks or sexy arms. I am a manly gay, in case you want to know, as long as I don't utter a word. I talk like a hummingbird in the morning.

They smile a lot. It's easy to get their phone numbers. It's easy to set a date with them. They're straight: they always claim this. They have no qualms with nothing.

They have six-pack abs

"They smell good, usually their armpits and pubes have the scent of Safeguard bath soap."
They always smell good. Their hair have the strong scent of Sunsilk, must be their sisters' shampoos. I imagine them rubbing their groins repeatedly with Safeguard bath soap. They don't have Axe scent in their torsos but their chest has no smell at alljust some real man's scent.

They compare their pecks and growing biceps. They laugh and would sneak if you have seen the scenes. They get happy so easily.

Oh, laid-back men.

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